Dr. Sukriti Gupta

Sukriti Gupta is a Post-Doctoral Fellow who specializes in working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She uses a relational approach as a mechanism to empower clients to play an active role in their healing process by utilizing their strengths and resources to thrive, even when faced with systemic barriers. She approaches therapy through an attachment and systemic lens, which helps client’s gain personal understanding through exploring the ways that past experiences influence their current lives-to their current relationships and family dynamics. Sukriti believes in meeting clients where they are and providing various skills and tools to help clients strive toward their individual goals. She tends to be flexible in treatment approach depending on the needs of the client, including a combination of systems, attachment, Adlerian, cognitive-behavioral, and play therapy approaches. Additionally, Sukriti is experienced in psychological assessments. She earned her Psy.D and M.A. in Clinical Psychology and specializes in marriage and family therapy.

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